How do I know that your fees are fair and reasonable?

At Mount Barker Dental Centre we are committed to charging a fair price for the services we provide.

Our reception staff are able to tell you the cost of an initial check-up, x-rays, and a scale and clean. If you need further treatment your dentist will prepare a treatment plan for you and explain the costs of this treatment.

Opening Hours

Monday           8:30- 7 PM
Tuesday           8:30 – 8 PM
Wednesday     8:30- 6 PM
Thursday         8:30- 6 PM
Friday              8:30- 5:30 PM
Saturday          8:30- 1 PM

Our goal is to help each and every one of our patients to become a Happy Chomper.

To us a Happy Chomper is a person who enjoys the benefits of good teeth and, more generally, good oral health throughout their life-long dental journey.