Lemon and Water Detox

There are many resources on line that discuss the benefits of adding lemon slices, or lemon juice to water. Similarily, many people add apple cider vinegar to water. Whilst we don’t aim to prove or disprove this, we do have a concern for your teeth. Lemon is very acidic, and the enamel on our teeth begins to soften and ‘disolve’ or ‘dissociate (lose) its ions’ at a a pH of 5.5. This means that the enamel can become weaker, or thinner. It means that it can speed up decay, prevent fluoride from being able to remineralise enamel as effectively, make teeth appear much smaller, and make the teeth look much more yellow in appearance. It can reduece the lifespan of your fillings as well, causing them to fail sooner than we would expect. Below is a video as published by the Australian Dental Association.

If you still choose to drink lemon and water, we have some suggestions wating for you to help reduce the impact of the acid. We want to work with you, to ensure your chompers chomp the mile you need them to!

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