Gap free mouthguards! (or $50 if you don’t have private extras insurance)

Each year Mount Barker Dental Centre runs a campaign encouraging sports men, women and children to wear a properly fitted mouthguard when they play any contact sport. This greatly reduces the chance of breaking a tooth while playing a contact sport. Through local sporting clubs, we offer to supply custom-made and fitted mouthgurads for ‘dental benefits only’ or $50 for those without dental health insurance.

The process is very simple. We work with your club to find a time for us to visit and take dental impressions for each participant. Participants then follow up with a visit to our clinic for a final fitting.

To get the ball rolling please contact your local sporting club. If they wish to participate ask them to email us at Mount Barker Dental Centre (

If your sporting club does not wish to participate in this campaign, just ring to organise a time at the clinic for an impression to be taken. Please phone 83911655 for an appointment.



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