Kid’s Dental Care

Helping Kids Care For Their Teeth

There is no doubt that helping kids to care for their teeth can lay the foundation for life long oral health. However, we do understand that a visit to the dentist can seem daunting, especially for kids. So, our dental team has spent quite a bit of time discussing how we might make a visit  to the dentist more enjoyable for kids, while at the same time supporting parents in their quest to develop good oral hygiene habits.

On their first visit we give kids a welcome gift pack that includes some tools to support their oral health care and some useful information about caring for kids’ teeth, as well as some fun bits and pieces.

We aim to create a fun environment for kids in the waiting room, with activities that will keep them amused, and in the surgery where they will be treated by one of our dental therapists, who are trained especially in caring for kids under 18 years (or if you prefer by one of our dentists, who are also very experienced in treating children).

We have also developed a series of patient information sheets, that focus on kids’ oral health issues, such as kid friendly snacks, early childhood caries, and dummy and digit sucking.