Oral Care Waste & Changing Your Toothbrush

So the question is, how often should we replace our toothbrush?

Usually, the recommended time frame is every 3-4 months, however each person is different in the way they use their toothbrush. If you press quite hard, you may need to change your toothbrush a bit sooner than recommended. It is recommended that you brush for 2 minutes, morning and night time with a soft toothbrush. People following this recommendation, generally, wear their toothbrush out within a 3 month time frame.

If your toothbrush is starting to look shaggy, or if the colour is starting to fade from the tips of the bristles, then it is time to change over. This is because the bristles are no longer as effective as they once were at removing the plaque, particularly from the difficult areas of our teeth, such as the grooves, and in-between teeth, even if the teeth look very clean from the front.

But what about the impact of our oral care?

The medical industry unfortunately, can create a substantial amount of waste through gloves, gauze – even cups. We do what we can to reduce our impact by participating in recycling programms, using biodegradable products, and minimizing the amount of disposable items needed by sourcing items we can sterilize instead, whilst ensuring absolute compliance to infection control guidelines. There is one thing that our patients can help up us with at home, that will help us reduce our footprint even more. Home care product recycling!

We have made use of the Terracycle Oral Care Recycling Programme, which is designed to recycle the plastics used in toothbrushes specifically, as regular recycling is not catered to use this type of plastic.

How Can I Get Involved?

All you need to do, to help us reduce the impact of oral care on the environment, is bring your old toothbrushes and empty toothpaste tubes with you to your appointment with us. The toothpaste tubes need to be rinsed thoroughly prior to ensure there is no product left. Many people use toothbrushes for cleaning after they are finished with it in their mouth – and that is fine too – once its had it’s day, we are happy to recycle it for you.

If you would like to learn more about Terracycle Oral Care Recycling, or how they recycle the oral products, click here.

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